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hey there, my name is Bria ...

your next social media manager

I am an artist and micro-influencer who is passionate about merging creativity with digital influence. I excel at using my artistic talents and social media acumen to craft visually captivating content that drives account growth.

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check out my skills. 

social media

content management

content strategy


social listening


adobe suite

graphic design


2D animation

video editing



public speaking

on-camera personality

project management



customer service




HubSpot Social Media Marketing

experience overview...

My love for social media started with Myspace, but my career with my first love officially started when I was the Social Media Coordinator for a fast growing company called Sliquid. We were a small but mighty business with a marketing team of 2, so I did it all! From the content strategy all the way to content creation, I was a product photographer, editor, copywriter, animator, and voice-over talent. Before my Sliquid adventures, I saw my own social media success as a freelance artist. During that time I managed to create viral content for myself, gaining 22k followers on Twitter, 21k on TikTok, and 11k on Instagram which eventually landed me cool collaborations with clients like Walmart and Thursday Night Football.

Social media marketing is more than just posting...

Your brand's voice matters, and I want the world to hear it. My process is simple, what do you want to say? How do you want to say it? & How do we get the most amount of people to hear it? 

Company Goals            

Brand Voice

Target Audience 

Market Research 




static content

here are examples of original content that I've created for instagram. this includes photo editing, illustrations, product photography, and infographics.

video content

here are a few examples of video content I've created for Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, and Youtube. This includes video shooting and editing, animated video, and on-camera videos.