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f*ck the law 
Original Painting

"f*ck the law" Original Acrylic Painting

• 16" x 20" x 1" Acrylic Painting
• M
ade in 2023
• Signed by Artist
•Original (1 of 1)

•Raffle ends 8/3
•$1 = 1 entry, enter as many times as you'd like
•Shipping costs not included
• hint - avg. bet - $5

f*ck the law

prints available for a limited time only

payments accepted: cash app, venmo, & paypal

f*ck the law description

hear me out... anyone who was ballsy enough to break the racial laws knowing the consequences can be fatal seems like the type of person that would flip off the camera in a mugshot. 

historically, laws have not always been moral or right, so sometimes it's okay to say f*ck the law, just like Rosa Parks did.

- Bria Gladney "B.GLAD"

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