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America desperately needs change, far beyond what a human can do. As a Republican cartoon, Lil Bria has objectively observed what America can do to become the most powerful country on earth for centuries.  As President, Lil Bria will address these issues and Make America the Greatest.


Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana is a medicinal herb that is used to treat many illnesses and its recreational side-effects are non-fatal. As a Republican who cares about making Americans money, the opportunities to profit off of the legalization of this plant are endless.


When Lil Bria is President she will legalize marijuana and free all of the prisoners in the U.S. that are serving time for marijuana-related charges. She will no longer require drug tests for non-medical or applicable fields that can put someone's life at risk. All marijuana-related charges will be dropped from your record. 


As a member of the Republican Party, Lil Bria believes in pro-life after breath. Until a child has taken its first breath and can now be charged for being alive, the government is not responsible for what someone decides to do with their child. As a Republican, we do care about life, when life starts. 

When Lil Bria is President, she will make it easy to get abortions, and will implement laws  that prohibit anti-abortion groups from gathering around abortion clinics.


Gun Rights

As a Texas-raised American, Lil Bria believes in the right to bear arms. There has never been a time in American history when Southerners weren't proud of their guns. As a Black, gay, Republican, Lil Bria believes in the right to be able to defend yourself with a deadly weapon if necessary. Lil Bria believes in fairness, so if one group of people have access to weapons, we all should.

When Lil Bria is President, she will make guns accessible to all Americans that are able to pass certain license requirements, and safety classes. She will de-stigmatize the fear behind guns so that we can all feel safe in a world where there will inevitably be weapons. 

Build the Bridge

Republicans in the past almost had the "Build the Wall" idea right, except instead, we should build a bridge. Immigrants add a lot of value to the American economy. Since the beginning of American history people from other countries have come to or ended up in America and has worked from the ground up. 

When Lil Bria is the President she will make immigration laws fair and just for all immigrants from all backgrounds who are willing to work and pay taxes in the U.S. 


Taxes on Slave-Descendents

Lil Bria believes in fairness. As a member of the Republican party, we have been accused of bigotry and racism. In order to debunk those stereotypes and myths, we will make the starting line fair for all Americans. Slave descedents statistically have less than their white counterparts. 

When Bria is President, Slave-descendents will not pay taxes for as long as their ancestors were slaves, unless paid reparations that is the equivalent of what was owed. 

Overturn 13th Amendment

The 13th amendment of the U.S. constitution makes slavery illegal in the U.S. unless someone commits a crime. No American should ever perform free labor ever again. Today in America  Slave-Descendents are nearly 5 times more likely to be incarcerated. 

When Lil Bria is President, she will overturn the 13th amendment and make slavery completely illegal. While she cannot stop Slave-Descendents from getting arrested and incarcerated at alarming rates, she can at least make slavery and for-profit prisons illegal.

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