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About Lil Bria

Lil Bria is a black cartoon born on the internet in February 2019. During her short time alive she has captured the attention of many audiences through her charisma, authenticity, and radical ideas of equality and freedom. ​

Lil Bria the Republican President...

During her life on the internet, Lil Bria has taken heavy stances on political practices and the nature of our country, and its treatment of minorities and underrepresented communities. Lil Bria was a former segregationist, but her ideas have evolved into something much bigger.


Lil Bria has learned that all people are stronger together and deserve to live happily and freely. Lil Bria dreams of a world where everyone wakes up in the morning and minds their own business, makes their money,  and everyone has equal accessibility to resources. 


Lil Bria simply wants all Americans to be able to live their dream, and wants it to be fair. That means that every person can walk out of their front door and feel comfortable in their own skin. Lil Bria believes in a society where everyone is free to express themselves without fear of judgement or violence.

The Black party essentially believes in togetherness. We are not here to dismantle the system, but to allow everyone an equal opportunity to be apart of it so we can keep improving the system to create the greatest empire known to man. 





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